Sultry brunette Angelle languidly floats in the lake on a red inflatable air raft. Soaking up the sun's rays, her naked body sinks deep into it's chambers, as the mattress wraps itself around her curves. Her bronzed skin is well-oiled and it slips and slides against the sun-warmed vinyl
Air Raft

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Tasha is a hit at the beach, as she enjoys a transparent blue inflatable whale. Not only does she squeeze this over inflated beauty, she then climbs on, straddling him with her amazing legs; wearing only a tiny g-string She does all of this at a public beach, with an interested audience of admirers!
Inflatable Whale

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Vanessa is the bartender at our favourite pub and we've been dying to have her model for us for a long time! Vanessa fills out her little orange bikini perfectly as she presses her ample bust up against this tightly filled swimring. She loves the feel of her soft mounds against the firm vinyl!
Swim Ring